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Dysfunctional Veterans


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Some in the 'veteran community' have said some pretty crazy things about DV and our shirts. Seems they forgot how we used humor in the military. Now we understand that you can't please everyone and that goes for humor too. 

 Here are just a few of my favorite comments:

Did you know that our shirts are the reason some VA's are bad? 

"The VA might take better care of us if you didn't make of fun of them" 

''I can't get a job because of you fucks"

"Those shirts are to blame for civs hating on the veteran community"


So, if any of the following happens:

Why do civilians hate us?  Blame the shirt

Why do other veterans hate us?  Blame the shirt

Your Ex is back in your life? Blame the shirt

Did you end up on Live PD?  Blame the shirt

Spouse mad at you?  Blame the shirt

Single yet again?  Blame the shirt

Reason why the VA won't help us?  Blame the shirt


In closing,

Despite what all these people think our shirts mean, what we do stand for is a place for fellow vets to joke, commiserate, banter, and generally connect with each other. Above all, we offer a place for a brother or sister to reach out when they need an ear, encouragement, help with finding answers to life's curve-balls, and genuine veteran compassion which can't be faked or duplicated by anyone who didn't serve.


Brand: Gildan
Description:  100% cotton (preshrunk)

$ 20.00

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